Coffee is more and more popular and develops itself every day. Since the time when the espresso first appeared from amazing Italian coffee machines and grinders, things have changed a lot. Discover with us a world of coffee full of pleasure, fun and surprises. We can teach you how to taste coffee, measure extractions, develop your barista techniques, hospitality and business skills.

Gwilym’s trainings are little bit more advanced and technical, but they do not miss the important emotional side of coffee. So do not worry, our trainings are not just about numbers and you can choose from different kind of courses including the internationally recognized SCAE (Speciality coffee assn. of Europe) certifications.

We have 2 training centres (rooms) beside each other. You will have the possibility to work on the Victoria Arduino Black Eagle coffee machine with the gravimetric technology, Mythos II. and Mahlkönig K30 grinder. We also have Nuova Simonelli Aurelia T3, VA White Eagle and many small home machines.

Our whole team is looking forward to see you at our classes.

Gwilym’s classes

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