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Barista Hustle is the industry’s leading online barista training provider, its mission is to demystify coffee and to make barista classes informative and more accessible.

Gwilym is a certified coach and contributor for Barista Hustle, we provide practical certifications for the online courses and in person coaching for the online courses.

Barista 1

A barista course and certification which covers theory and practice of everything to do with modern espresso.


An exploration of the art and science of filter coffee. This course is devoted to pour-over and batch brewed coffee in all its many forms.

THE TRAINING TIME: 10:00 – 16:00.

All materials are included in the price. You will receive a certificate for attending the class.

THE COURSE IS LEAD BY GWILYM DAVIES and assisted by Honza Štursa

Price: 4.500, – without VAT per person


To register for the course, please write to: or log in via “SIGN IN”

Kurz probíhá ve školicím centru – Holíkova 470, Jílové u Prahy od 10:00 hodin.

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Barista Hustle  Courses
Barista Hustle  Courses