Basic Training in English

This course is designed for everyone interested in coffee who wants to learn the essentials to understand why it can taste so different and how to make it tasty for you.


The first part is focused on theory.

You will learn about the coffee itself: types, cultivation, processing and how these influence flavours. We pay great attention to the grinder and its settings. The grinder is the basis of all other barista functioning.

The training focuses on the espresso machine where we will show how we set up the machine, the correct technique, how to brew espresso and alter the taste.

The second part of the training is focused on practice.

You learn how to use the grinder correctly: how to set it up, maintain it and use it safely. We will practice on the espresso machine: how to properly prepare espresso, steam foam and make cappuccino, macchiato or cafe latte. We will also introduce latte art technique.

THE TRAINING TIME: 10:00 – 16:00.

All materials are included in the price. You will receive a certificate for attending the class.

THE COURSE IS LEAD BY GWILYM DAVIES and assisted by Honza Štursa

Price: 3.900, – without VAT per person


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Basic Training  in English
Basic Training  in English