Courses of Gwilym Davies

Espresso modern techniques

The time when you used just 7 grams and 30ml for your cup of coffee is over. New trends and techniques have come and we will teach you the different approaches to espresso..

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Sensory training

Our senses play a very important role in the coffee industry. We can train your palette and help you to recognize different taste, tactile and find more specific flavours, not just in espresso or filter coffee..

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SCAE barista intermediate

This training is for a little bit advanced baristas, and includes certification and exams. We will prepare you for the whole exam, which has several practical parts and written test..

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SCAE brewing intermediate

The SCAE Brewing Intermediate course introduces you to the core skills and equipment required to produce brewed coffee and to understand how to chart different brew styles..

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Competition training

As Gwilym is the World Barista Champion, and also a WCE Head judge, we have a lot of experience with the competition. Part of the training is understanding the rules and score sheets, building the routine or training one you have..

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