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Sensory trainings

  • Our senses play a very important role in the coffee industry.

  • We can train your palette and help you to recognize different taste, tactile and find more specific flavours, not just in espresso or filter coffee.

  • At the training you will experience cupping – degustation of coffee, we will teach you difference between sweet, acidic and salty taste (tasting test inspired by Q graders), and we will introduce you to the world of organic acids in coffee.

  • We learn how to use the WBC sensory score sheet to evaluate espresso and milk beverages.

  • Training is in English, with translation to Czech if needed.
  • Price: 300 euros
  • Duration: 10:00 – 17:00, with a group lunch break
  • Number of participants in one course: 2-5 participants

If you would like to join the training please contact us at: