Espresso Modern Techniques

Espresso preparation and the type of coffee we use has changed a lot in recent years. We will take you through the modern techniques of preparing espresso to achieve the taste you are looking for more consistently. That is important in a coffee shop but it can also help you while making espresso at home.

There are many aspects which can influence and change the taste of espresso. We will talk about tampers, tamping techniques, baskets, refractometer…

We will explain how to build a recipe, what brew ratios are and what to adjust to get the best results. Together we assess the espresso by tasting and measuring a sample of coffee to calculate the strength and extraction %.


THE TRAINING TIME: 10:00 – 16:00.

All materials are included in the price. You will receive a certificate for attending the class.

THE COURSE IS LEAD BY GWILYM DAVIES and assisted by Honza Štursa

Price: 6.200, – without VAT per person


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Training centre address is Holíkova 470, Jílové u Prahy

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Espresso Modern  Techniques
Espresso Modern  Techniques