Sensory Course

Drinking coffee is enjoyable but dividing and identifying all the sensations is difficult. The Sensory training will guide you through the different tastes, aromas, and mouthfeel found in coffee.

There are lots of fun practical exercises as we explore: what contributes to taste balance, the aromas in coffee and what the difference is between texture, body, and weight.

In a series of tastings, we will teach you how to prepare a cupping as we experience different coffees and how strength and different waters can alter the taste.

We will introduce you to how to taste and score espresso.

This training is very useful not only for baristas from coffee shops but also for coffee enthusiasts and home users. If you have no experience with tasting or making coffee, never mind, we will teach you.

THE TRAINING TIME: 10:00 – 16:00.

All materials are included in the price. You will receive a certificate for attending the class.

THE COURSE IS LEAD BY GWILYM DAVIES and assisted by Honza Štursa

Price: 6.200, – without VAT per person


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Training centre address is Holíkova 470, Jílové u Prahy

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Sensory Course
Sensory Course